Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dallin Visa Westerlund born January 08, 2007. We can't believe how fast time really does go by. I started off the day with Dallin waking up at 12:45 which is extremely unusual. Dallin came into our room and whispered in my ear.."Hello mama, wake-up time". I didn't move a muscle and he soon sat at the foot of our bed and was throwing the clean laundry out of the wash basket. Then he hit his head on who knows what and started to cry. I got out of bed and picked him up and we headed to the kitchen (honestly who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies in the wee hours of the morning!) Dallin was full of smiles and was so wide awake and very cuddly. We had some cookies and warm milk and snuggled up on the couch and watched "Kung Fu Panda" I didn't even pay any regard to the time, knowing I had to get up a 6am to get ready for work. About 30 minutes later I asked Dallin if he was ready to go back to bed and he said yes. After blowing magic bubbles on him and tucking him in, I crawled back into bed and couldn't sleep so I layed there watching TV and thought of something very special.....

The entire time Dallin was awake in the wee hours of the morning, I was the final stages of my labor with him and the time he came into this world.

I am so happy to be a mother to such a wonderful little 'big' boy! He is such a character and has brought so many laughs into our family. Dallin is fearless, strong, brave and a wonderful addition to our family and I love him dearly.

For Dallin's birthday, I thought i'd be brave and take both boys (Maeson & Dallin) out to Butterfly Creek to celebrate. I was suprised at how well behaved they both were for me and how much fun we had. It was a very eventful day!


It was SO HARD having to pull out the alarm clock again after 3 weeks of nothing but fun and relaxing....and now reality has set back in and it's back to work and the usual grind.

For Christmas, George & I got the boys a larger than expected pool... the look on George's face was priceless!!! Even I didn't expect it to be that big! and we have used it at least 4 or 5 times a day since setting it up and getting it running..... we have had to spend so much money on Sunblock!! But it is very refreshing during a hot and sweaty day.

Monday, August 4, 2008



Time and time again George & I find ourselves asking..Do you think the boys will behave in church today? and we try to rig it so at least one of them is sleeping during Sacrament...or how about having to go out to a dinner or family feed in 2 cars so that if our boys play up one of us can excuse ourselves and come home....and let them run loose at home.
I think George & I are just overly concious, especially at family gatherings....but in reality our boys aren't that bad they're acting their age...and it seems out of sorts cause there is nobody else around that's even remotely close to their age.

We absolutely LOVE our boys.

Today Maesons teacher told me he had a really good day. While eating lunch, Maeson noticed that Jesse wasn't eating his lunch and playing up. Maeson promptly got involved "JESSE, EAT YOUR LUNCH RIGHT NOW!"........"DO YOU WANT TO SIT WITH SANDRA ?"(The reliever teacher). I knew Maeson was going to have a good day. He made it right through the night in his own bed, I had to go wake him up. He's usually coming into bed with George & I at about 5am every morning. He was so proud of himself and asked me while I sat on the edge of the bed praising him...."Mom, you're proud of Maeson!, I Did, I slept in my spiderman bed!"

Dallin on the other hand is realising that his 2 hands can do a lot of damage... his understanding goes as follows: TAKE AWAY A TOY/ HIT SOMEBODY/PUSH SOMEBODY = KISSES = TAPPING ON THEIR HEAD SAYING "It's alright, You're alright" His teacher tells me he's really cheeky about it. I told her we're working on it at home. He enjoys making Maeson cry by hitting him over the head with a stick or a kitchen utensil.........He is such a devil at times!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My little Dallin is no longer LITTLE Dallin...he puts on weight like a bee on honey!..and it's not like he eats all the time....his new thing is to squint his eyes and puff his cheeks for photos....i've got the evidence to prove it! he's growing so fast it almost makes me clucky just looking at him. He loves to say 'Dank oo' and 'Oh No' while shaking his finger at Maeson! He's a little sick at the moment and has extremely red cheeks...which just seems to be Dallin's'd swear my son got into my rouge!!! ha ha ha.


Maeson has pretty much reached most of the exciting 'FIRSTS' that all parents look forward to. He's quite lucky being the first child... every milestone he reached was celebrated and praised beyond belief. Maeson has been attending pre-school for just over a year now..and of course George & I were concerned pre-occupied with all the "WHAT IF's"..

what if he gets hit? what if he doesn't fit in? what if he's extremely naughty? and now our worse WHAT IF has happened. Maeson has learnt a swear word! Our once innocent and sweet spoken boy is GONE! and he has used the word on quite a few the frozen section of the supermarket, where I debated walking away from the trolley and running for the doors!...during the opening prayer of our Temple Committee meeting...I felt such horror my hand flew across his mouth and I held on with all my might! even at a traffice light where the right hand lane cars had a green arrow, but all Maeson could see was the Red light!....... We're at a loss on how to handle this we use the ancient abusive SOAP IN THE MOUTH that our parents used in the olden times? Or do we go with the politically correct and pretend to make no notice of the word..hoping that it exits his vocabulary as quick as it entered?...... unfortunately for our all depends on the day and the mood of his parents!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm still slowly catching onto this blogging thing.....Tia is really really pushing me to do it..i'm feeling slightly BULLIED!! ha ha ha.
Please invite or add your details so I can add you to my page.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're trying to keep up with the lastest technology and keeping in touch with everyone since we live so far away. We have a myspace, Bebo and even a facebook account and just couldn't risk not becoming a blogger!
A lot has happened in the last few years. We got married April 30, 2004 and have since had 2 boys, Maeson 3 (Feb 8th, 2005) and Dallin 1 (Jan 8th, 2007). They are the highlight of our life and we never go a day without a tantrum, a smile or a cuddle...we're really a mixed bag! But we love it. If only we could share them with more family!!!
George works for the Department of Corrections as a Corrections officer in the Auckland Remand Prison and Kimberlee does purchasing/ Office Administration for a frameless glass company.
When we get a chance we will post some pictures of our family. and update more about ourselves.